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Best 5 Female Protaganists Games of 2017

Female characters in any game are currently a novelty. In the past days, the majority of games cast players were male protagonist. However, games with women players are so interesting and a great fan to watch. We should, therefore, be surprised by their absence other than their presence in a game. Here are some of the best female protagonist games:

#Nier: Automata

This is one of the best fluid action game played in the year by a female character. It’s a Japanese title which is worth play through due to its enjoyable elements. The game is pure in mechanic, and therefore its action has made it to be ranked high. Also, the people making the game are well known for many slews of titles. The popularity of the Platinum team has put this game in a better position. It’s already an established game series with little English speaking fanfare and many elements making it worth to play.

#Unnamed – Prey for the Gods

This is a game that each person will want or like to keep an eye. It has made quite a lot of fans hence raising a lot of dollars for its developer within the shortest time expected. This is one of the most polished games ever made from its preparations for its presentation. The game’s team were prepared from the development of the idea with a lot of references making it the sequel that everyone has been waiting for. The leading lady character is not named in the game, but it’s enough to be hyped about. The weather is dynamic which showcases intense decaying world with a sparse humanity. It’s a game to love due to many epics encountered from the Shadow of the Colossus.

#Kat – Gravity Rush 2

It’s a sequel game starter of Gravity Rush, and it’s an action-adventure game. The original game paved way to showcase the Vita and its incredible power under the hood of under-loved handheld upon breathtaking visuals and fluid combat. This combination will let one float about freely with gravity-based powers which is so fun. Kat is a great underdog and a lovable protagonist with a great reason to be included in the PlayStation.

#Senua – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Its title is an exact opposite of a good game hence a great sequel to watch. It’s producers; Ninja Theory is popularly known for a slew of fantastic action titles putting this game in a better position for views. It’s an action game with rough and great energy which puts the main character who is a lady in a tough time through the underworld adventure.

#Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn

Of many games, this is the most anticipated game of the year due to the protagonist Aloy. The character is so unique and in a way, she can easily helm any adventure for pure design and presence. The game is so interesting with its character, Aloy truing in the middle of the mystery behind the machines and people who are in need for their power.

Female protagonist games brings a good character that meet many people’s expectations basing on the role they play in their story. This makes many to be amused and enjoy the game and so are good collection to have in the world of fantasy today.

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