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Battlefield V: Everything You Should Know About

Battlefield V

Battlefield is developed by EA DICE and is published by Electronic Arts. It is a first-person shooter video game, and it is the 16th installment in the battlefields series. It will be released on 20th November 2018 and will be available on major console platforms like PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The main focus of the game will be World War II.

Here is Everything You Need To Know Before The Launch of Battlefield V

1. Cosmetics And Unlockable

The perks, vehicles, archetypes, and weapons will be earned by playing. The two types of currencies you can use in Battlefield 5 are;

a. Grind currency. You get it as you play and

b. Premium currency. It is in the form of real money and can be used in making cosmetic purchases.

You can purchase cosmetic items using grind currency or unlock them as you proceed in the game. You can get in game currencies by earning daily orders. The achievements will accumulate on a daily basis. And four players can join at a time to unlock a specific item.

DICE is working to ensure special assignments are accessible by all players and the aim of this is to make sure the players in multiplayer battle look unique. Instead of each shotgunner or grenadier having the same look, a player will have the capability of putting his spin on what his specialty class looks like.

2. Combat Roles And Classes

The four classes available in Battlefield 5 are; Medic, Assault, Support, and Recon. Each level has specific combat roles. However, in open beta, you will get a chance to try them all. Each combat role will have unique traits. For example, you will get tactical retreat trait from sniper combat in Recon and syringe revive from Medic combat.

3. Reinforcements And Vehicles

Seven planes and five iconic world war two tanks will be available. You can use the guns such as Panzer IV, Tiger I, Valentine MK VII or Churchill Gun Carrier in the fight or deploy a tanker. You can also use C47, Spitfire Mk VA, BF 109G-2 or Blenheim MK IF to support your team from the skies.

4. Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Mode

The first mode is the Combined Arms. It will allow cooperation of four players with various objectives. It will be a ‘press your luck format,’ and the ending objective will be the most difficult.
The second mode will be Grand Operation. It will allow engagement of 64 players who will play a maximum of four individual matches. Each match will represent a different day in fictional battle.

The third match will be of Grand Operation. If the contest ends with a draw, the player will have only one life to live.
Also, battlefield V will have a Battle Royale Mode which will be different from other Royale modes seen in games like Fortnite.

5. Single Player Mode

The focus of Battlefield 5 single player is on World War II. The game offers a new angle by incorporating new viewpoints in the battle. DICE has maintained a fresh content by uncovering untold stories and new locations.

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